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50c Plants are Thriving.


I rescue markdown plants from the dead plant section at Bunnings & these brought a nice surprise to my garden. They do not always have their labels on so I just plant & see what becomes of them.


                                      Watermelons & rhubarb are coming along slowly.



Markdowns for the Week

Managed to find a few bargains but really trying not to spend too much money on the lead up to Christmas.


Op Shop Christmas Tree $4
With 3 packets of baubles and tinsel for 50c each makes for a cheap way to bring some Christmas cheer & colour into the house.


Hope you have found some good bargains this week, not only groceries but Christmas items as well.


Live Cheaper – Sign Up for Samples

Each week I usually receive at least one sample in the mail. Anything from shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant to protein bars. All come in handy at some point and it is also a way of trying a brand or product you would not normally buy. There are lots of sites for signing up for samples and the easiest way is to google “samples” and see what comes up in your country. is an Australian one & you sign up with your email & they will offer you different samples to register for.

This week have received in the mail one ladies razor & conditioner treatment.



Also at Better Pets & Gardens whilst picking up the cat food the cashier offered free samples of another brand for our cat to try that is a cheaper option – if he likes it!





Markdown produce found this week.





Sweet potatoes $1, mixed apples & pears $1.50, mushrooms $1.50 and mandarines $1.50 all from IGA markdown trolley.

Fresh green beans 50c & bag of potatoes $2 from Coles supermarket.

Op Shop – Half Price Linen Sale

Now and again even Op shops have sales & this week was 50% off all linen so as I only own two tablecloths I was looking for some large ones to use over Christmas & found two for $2 each.


Also a Dora lunchbox for $2


Reject shop had Lindt chocolate bars for 50c



Was given a bag of organic garlic from my neighbour who grows his own & a cucumber.



So a few bits & pieces that have not cost much or free all helps to keep money in my pocket. Hope you have found some nice bargains this week.


Cat Napping & Bargains for the Week.

Now I know the reason my seeds don’t all come up, snuck up on the big fat cat snoozing in the sun on top of recently planted capsicum seeds that I dried out from store bought capsicums.
He looked too comfortable to move him off.


I keep seeds out of most store bought vegetables and wait to see if they amount to anything when planted. Some do whereas others do not.


Bargains For The Week.

Free magazines from Op shop.


Two beautiful textured pillowcases from Op shop $2 each.


Not many food bargains this week but as apples in Perth are now over $6/kilo & bananas at $5.70/kilo I keep a look out for any markdown fruit. Eight mixed apples for $1 at IGA & big bag of mushrooms $2.




Also picked up from Gumtree some free Christmas decorations.


Not a great week for markdowns but if you are not there at right time to find them then not much you can do.
Hope you managed to get some nice cheap bargains this week.

Accessing Local Resources – Another way to live cheaper.

If you have time to look around your local community you may find things to help you live cheaper in stores you may not usually frequent.

Our local Op shop (charity store) has free bread. There is nothing wrong with it, just bread from the local large supermarket that did not sell yesterday.

I picked up a wholegrain un-sliced loaf that is perfect to toast for dinner or lunch with home-made soup. Or pop it in the freezer to use when you are low on bread & saves rushing to the shops.


They also have a box of free magazines you can take your pick from.

Once I have read them I share with neighbour then take them back when we have both read them. There is always plenty of choice & gives me my magazine fix without having to pay money.


I usually drop things off there to donate or buy something I will use so I am giving back to them as well.

Do you have free bread at your Op shops?