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Live Cheaper – Grow Your Own Food and Free Spuds…….

Even in our very hot summer season it is possible to grow some of our own food although we need to pick early to avoid ripe vegetables being shrivelled up during the heat of the day with our harsh Australian sun.

Cleaned out one of my square-foot gardening raised beds & gave it a good turn over. Composted with old leaves,composted lawn clippings & ash from the fire & few handfuls of dynamic lifter.  Planted seeds from packets I had on hand as I did not want to spend any money on seedlings.  Also seeds I had saved from capsicums etc from supermarket.


I  scattered some flower seeds throughout & a week later lots of seedlings are poking their heads through the rich soil.


With all that effort I hope we get a few edible vegetables out of it to feed the family.


Free Spuds From Spudshed.

Spudshed in WA were giving away free potatoes this week so of course I made my way down there amongst the crowds & managed to snaffle a bag full of them.

20150115_202812 20150115_202321


Cooked stuffed spuds can always be frozen for a quick dinner another night.

Markdowns For The Week.

Has been far too hot to use oven inside so have been leaning towards anything quick,one-pan cooking on hotplate or anything with salad.

20150104_180545   20150104_18060820150104_180524 20150111_13092220150121_11203020150121_111957


Only buying what we really need when I see markdowns as will need to save money ready for the huge power bill that will be arriving after having air-con on for last week or so.
Hope you are managing to stay cool in our hot summer.


Chocolate Bouquet Birthday Gift – $4.20 Total Cost

Trying to think of gift for friend at work who has everything and is in no need of other nick-nacks or soaps so thought I would make her a chocolate bouquet.
Chocolates were on special for $2.09 bag of 12 so used two bags and snazzed it all up with sparkly things and crepe paper I had saved from other projects.

It is nice to give a gift on birthdays and with using what I had meant much cheaper cost to me. Mind you did not look as magnificent as these on pinterest but was happy with first attempt.

Accessing Local Resources – Another way to live cheaper.

If you have time to look around your local community you may find things to help you live cheaper in stores you may not usually frequent.

Our local Op shop (charity store) has free bread. There is nothing wrong with it, just bread from the local large supermarket that did not sell yesterday.

I picked up a wholegrain un-sliced loaf that is perfect to toast for dinner or lunch with home-made soup. Or pop it in the freezer to use when you are low on bread & saves rushing to the shops.


They also have a box of free magazines you can take your pick from.

Once I have read them I share with neighbour then take them back when we have both read them. There is always plenty of choice & gives me my magazine fix without having to pay money.


I usually drop things off there to donate or buy something I will use so I am giving back to them as well.

Do you have free bread at your Op shops?

Whilst singing Kumbaya around the camp fire.

Crisp,cool night here in Western Australia with the Kookaburras laughing loudly in our trees as the chimenea was lit we waited until coals were glowing,put a grill on top then cooked chorizo and lamb fillets which became succulent with delicious char-grilled smokey flavour . Teamed with a pasta salad and crisp fried potatoes was a feast that cost no electricity or gas to cook.
Simplicity at it’s best.