More debts than income but pushing ahead to improve my situation by growing veg ,feeding the family on markdowns ,making things instead of buying and staying sane through the ups and downs of life.
At 50 years of age you would think I would have a better grip on life but I seem to bumble through it as wife,mother,nanna and part-time worker there seems to be a new challenge each week to get through. Living in Western Australia it seems every month prices go up and we keep adjusting to our circumstances.


Making small changes to the way we live each day does not have to be depressing or miserable instead look upon it as an exciting challenge on how to really stretch our money and lead a fulfilling, non-consumerism life.
Join me in this journey of high’s and low’s, tear’s and laughter and pushing the boundaries of my small income and large debt.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. debt debs

    What a lovely photo! I admire your attitude and determination to face your debt and take positive steps to address it. Food costs is one area we struggle with, so I need to put more focus on this area.


  2. Lynda D

    Also a 50yr old, working full time, two Aspie’s (hubby & son) and enjoying making changes to do life differently. Good look meeting your challenges. New Follower



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