Attempting to Cook A Turducken……..

Of course I only purchased the Turducken as it was half price markdown & would feed the crowd on Christmas Eve. Only just heard of them this year, they are advertised as ”

  • Woolworths Gold Turducken RRP $19.99/kg – an enticing hand rolled trio meat combination, infused to provide a succulent eating experience, complemented with a fig and Pistachio stuffing core, topped with a bacon lattice and garnished with fresh Rosemary for a unique premium roast.”
  • Turkey, duck & chicken rolled into one.
  • 20141217_121612
  • 20141217_121714

Thawing it out today & will cook Wednesday morning, hopefully it will look as good as the above photo!

Abnormal Apples


Woolworths are selling “abnormal apples” & “peculiar pears” which they say what they lack in looks they make up in taste. These were grown in Manjimup Western Australia so happy to see they are close to home for me.
Such a good idea as there is so much food wastage from supermarkets only buying perfect fruit & veg and this way we get them a bit cheaper per kilo as well.

Couple of Good Markdowns for the Week.





Anyone else cooked a “Turducken” & how did it go?

Merry Christmas to you all & have a safe New Year.



3 thoughts on “Attempting to Cook A Turducken……..

  1. Tania

    I like the bargains you are able to pick up in your area. I don’t get lucky very often, mainly because I don’t go down the shops unless I really have to. This helps me save money with no spend days. Occasionally I have been fortunate to stumble upon specials when down there and do grab them. Yours are so cheap, they are never that cheap here…

    We had a barbeque for Christmas this year, so no I haven’t tried a Turducken. We don’t usually have turkey unless I can get a bargain price. We have chicken, pork, ham, corned beef etc with salads.

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  2. cheap64 Post author

    Your bbq sounds delicious. Frankly I would not bother cooking a turducken again but was nice to try something different. Put myself on strict spending budget for next couple of weeks so am staying out the shops until we run out of things.



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