Live Cheaper – Sign Up for Samples

Each week I usually receive at least one sample in the mail. Anything from shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant to protein bars. All come in handy at some point and it is also a way of trying a brand or product you would not normally buy. There are lots of sites for signing up for samples and the easiest way is to google “samples” and see what comes up in your country. is an Australian one & you sign up with your email & they will offer you different samples to register for.

This week have received in the mail one ladies razor & conditioner treatment.



Also at Better Pets & Gardens whilst picking up the cat food the cashier offered free samples of another brand for our cat to try that is a cheaper option – if he likes it!





Markdown produce found this week.





Sweet potatoes $1, mixed apples & pears $1.50, mushrooms $1.50 and mandarines $1.50 all from IGA markdown trolley.

Fresh green beans 50c & bag of potatoes $2 from Coles supermarket.

Op Shop – Half Price Linen Sale

Now and again even Op shops have sales & this week was 50% off all linen so as I only own two tablecloths I was looking for some large ones to use over Christmas & found two for $2 each.


Also a Dora lunchbox for $2


Reject shop had Lindt chocolate bars for 50c



Was given a bag of organic garlic from my neighbour who grows his own & a cucumber.



So a few bits & pieces that have not cost much or free all helps to keep money in my pocket. Hope you have found some nice bargains this week.



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