Cat Napping & Bargains for the Week.

Now I know the reason my seeds don’t all come up, snuck up on the big fat cat snoozing in the sun on top of recently planted capsicum seeds that I dried out from store bought capsicums.
He looked too comfortable to move him off.


I keep seeds out of most store bought vegetables and wait to see if they amount to anything when planted. Some do whereas others do not.


Bargains For The Week.

Free magazines from Op shop.


Two beautiful textured pillowcases from Op shop $2 each.


Not many food bargains this week but as apples in Perth are now over $6/kilo & bananas at $5.70/kilo I keep a look out for any markdown fruit. Eight mixed apples for $1 at IGA & big bag of mushrooms $2.




Also picked up from Gumtree some free Christmas decorations.


Not a great week for markdowns but if you are not there at right time to find them then not much you can do.
Hope you managed to get some nice cheap bargains this week.


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