Live Cheaper – Stockpiling Wood For Next Winter

Now the temperature is soaring we certainly do not need any wood fires to keep us warm but it is a chance to fill the depleted wood shed ready for next season.


Partner brings home from his building work any odds and ends that can be stored & each year you can buy a permit from our local council that allows you to go into the state park and collect firewood from any trees that have fallen over or laying on ground. They are usually huge & require chainsaws, trailers & a few strong men.


Strawberry Season in Full Swing

Have had much better strawberries growing this year, prolific amount of berries on each plant this season and all purchased at knock-down prices in the dead plant section after last season. Just planted them & they have all done well.



Markdowns From the Week

Have been mainly using up leftover salad and items from freezer so have not needed to purchase much produce this week. Should be the last week of purchasing tomatoes for awhile as most of my plants are ripening well now the hot weather has hit.



Now fridge/freezer is looking depleted I will need to have a good week hunting for marked down bargains, how did you go for bargains this week?


One thought on “Live Cheaper – Stockpiling Wood For Next Winter

  1. Jessie

    Yes I had bargains this week….15 large Vine Ripened Tomato’s Free at Church Morning Tea time – donated from a member, gave 6 away – will cook the others. Very nice.!!!



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