Bargains I Found This Week.

I remember telling Mum to hurry up whenever we went shopping
20141025_095336as she felt the need to go down each and every aisle with her trolley even if she only wanted bread and milk it took forever. Well I may have to eat my words as this week our local Coles supermarket have been marking down random items this week so decided to look up each aisle for a change.

Found two beach soccer balls from $12.95 each marked down to $2 each so a Christmas pressie to put away for 2 boys we will see Christmas Eve.
Down the shampoo aisle they had marked down Dove shampoo and conditioner from $6.99 each to 64c


Our drains have been a bit smelly lately and bicarb and vinegar does not seem to be doing anything so spotted the drain unblocker bottles for $1 each marked down from $8.49 each.


Pizza from Woolworths $2.79 and coleslaw 89c so that was a quick dinner one night.


Op shop this morning found two beautiful red velvet and satin Disney princess Christmas stockings for $2 each will be perfect for our two beautiful little grandaughters.


For the bargain price of $1.50 found this 16 pair shoe holder which will help tidy up the mountain of shoes shoved in the bottom .of my wardrobe.

Have you found any good bargains this week?



6 thoughts on “Bargains I Found This Week.

  1. Helen Graham

    Some amazing bargains there. I use the Dove Pro Age shampoo and always grab a few bottles when I see it on offer, but that was an incredible price. My biggest bargain this week was fresh raspberries reduced to 55p. Their full price was £2 a punnet or 2 punnets for £3 and when they went through the till the £1 reduction was still applied automatically so I got 2 for just 10p (ie. 2 for 55p = £1.10 minus £1 reduction). I wish I’d bought more to freeze but I didn’t have any more cash on me and I’m trying not to use my card this month.


  2. cheap64 Post author

    Fresh raspberries at that price is amazing and isn’t it always the way when we see really great bargains we leave our cards at home as trying to be frugal.


  3. Leigh

    Wow, those are fantastic bargains! Where I live good bargains are getting harder to find. Even on clearance they’ll only mark about 10% off, which I don’t consider a bargain at all; I consider it a price correction because everything is becoming way over priced anyway.

    Thanks for the blog visit and taking time to leave a comment on mine. 🙂


  4. Tracy

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    Wow, they are some great bargains. The Coles markdowns have been good here lately too(a bit random but still good if you find them). I scored 3 boxes of my favourite teabags, Yorkshire Tea, for 25c each. Just clearing shelf space I guess.



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