Veal Stir Fry – 40% Off


Last week managed to get this veal stir fry at 40% off for $4.73. It is not as good price as some of the bigger percentage markdowns I have found but better than paying full price.

Used markdown red capsicum, brown onion from Woolworths mixed $3 veg bag, leeks & spring onions from my garden & cooked a veal casserole with dumpling & baked potato. Cheap meal serving four people.


Sweet Peas – Cheap seeds.

Another way to live cheaper as most frugal people already know & do is save any seeds from fruit & veg you have grown & dry out & store to plant next season.

My sweet peas are setting pods so will let them dry on trellis as no hurry to pull them out then once dry can store seeds in container or bag & plant next season, although flowers may not be as good from seeds you have saved yourself sometimes.


Good idea to mark your container, if not like me you end up with envelopes full of seeds you have no clue what they are.



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