Fruit & Veg Markdowns from the Weekend

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Our local IGA supermarket will price up bags of fruit and veg at markdown prices, depends what day you go as to what is available. Lots of bananas and potatoes but did not need any of those.


2 Litre mango juice – 99c
3 Bokchoy – 50c
10 Peaches – $2
4 Cucumbers – $1
5 Red apples – $2

The 2 litre mango juice I can freeze as in a few weeks weather will be hot and everyone will be looking for cold drinks and makes a change from water.
Bokchoy, cucumbers & apples we will share with lizards & peaches are still a bit firm but quite sweet.
They usually have huge bags of mushrooms for $2 that I like to buy but did not see any this week.



Our lemon scented gum tree (think it is that as has lemon citrus aroma after rain) has started shedding it’s bark in ribbons, it takes about a week to reveal it’s smooth layer underneath.

Found this interesting answer on why the do it: –

If by Gum trees you mean Eucalypts from Australia, they shed their bark as an adaptation to  being a fire-loving tree in a fire-prone environment. Many species shed their bark in long strips to encourage fire- these strips of bark draw the fire up into the canopy of the tree and start fires in the vicinity, killing competing trees and giving the Gum tree seedlings a better chance of a head start following the fire. Beneath their thick bark they have what are called Epicormic shoots which are like potential buds held in check by hormones secreted by the growing tips of the branches. When the branches get burned off the buds sprout. Eucalpypts usually require fire for germination and by having lots of dry bark (and flammable leaves) around the base of the tree is a great way to encourage fire. Gum trees love fire.


Also this: –

Each year there is an increment of living bark that results in the continual expanding girth of the tree. In all species the outermost layer dies each year. In about half of the species this dead layer completely sheds, exposing a new layer of living bark, and the process continues year after year. These are known as the smooth barks. The dead bark may be shed from these trees in large slabs, in ribbons, or in small flakes. Invariably the newly exposed living bark is relatively smooth and brightly coloured but this fades with weathering. Often the dead bark comes off in pieces at various times of the year such that the trunk is mottled depending on the amount of time the newly revealed patches of bark are exposed to weathering.


3 thoughts on “Fruit & Veg Markdowns from the Weekend

  1. merrynsmenu

    What a gorgeous lemon scented gum tree. Your photograph is gorgeous and could win prizes. I never knew this variety existed. Yes, you have to keep an eye out for food bargains, everywhere you shop, it makes all the difference to the weekly budget spending 😀

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