Low GI Potatoes – Who Would of Thought? 94% Markdown

Marked down at Coles supermarket  50c for 2 kilo’s of potatoes is another bargain I can use in the family meals this week.
Mind you is getting a bit warm in Perth so might have to start cooking dinner outside on BBQ as house just gets too hot late afternoon to put oven on.

Noticed these are marketed as “Coles Carisma low GI potatoes” I am sure that is good news for people who have to follow a low GI diet and control their blood glucose levels.


Informative article here on carbohydrates & the Glycaemic index from Better Health Channel.


The low GI Carisma potato was developed in South Australia, interesting read on this Carisma potato website and there are some really nice recipes on this site which of course you could use with any potato.


To me a potato is a potato as long as you can mash, fry or bake it I will use it.

As it was so warm today I made potato salad with half the bag served with markdown marinated lamb chops & sliced beans. Will use the rest of bag to make mash tomorrow night to go with casserole.


Earlier this year I dug up new potatoes out of my garden. I grow them in potato bags & they seem to do well on top of the bags with lush green growth but underneath only get about 8 -10 potatoes to harvest.



3 thoughts on “Low GI Potatoes – Who Would of Thought? 94% Markdown

  1. Josephine

    It seems each time I go to the grocery shop the prices have gone up, and I’m forever on the hunt for a daily bargain. All that being said, I pay whatever the ransom is asked at the British Import section 🙂
    Off to read more of your suggestions and recipes.
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment.


  2. cheap64 Post author

    Hello to you both, yes cheapest potatoes ever. Jo we have a shop around the corner that is full of British food and cheap as it is sold out of the cartons and some out of date like treacle and jams.



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