Kale – Super Food at a Super Price 94% Markdown


Not too fond of these overpriced pre-packaged leafy greens when a whole lettuce etc usually works out cheaper but at 24c at my local Coles supermarket I could not pass it by.

At 94% off it will feed the lizards plus we can blend in smoothies for extra boost of goodness or toss it in whatever I may be cooking or as a salad supplement. Also gives a nice fresh bite to tomato,cheese sandwich for work as well.

So an outlay of 24c it will get used up today & tomorrow and give the family a nutrient dense kick in one meal or another.


I do have some kale growing in my vegetable patch but has never done very well in that spot.

I started this blog as I wanted to show the prices I pay on markdown groceries, sometimes the savings to me are a little or sometimes a lot.
Not all items I purchase will make a full family meal but may supplement the family diet or used as a stockpile item for freezer or pantry.
Then again no matter how cheap an item is marked down if we do not eat it or use it then I do not buy it. Am only saving money if it is something I would usually purchase.


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