Accessing Local Resources – Another way to live cheaper.

If you have time to look around your local community you may find things to help you live cheaper in stores you may not usually frequent.

Our local Op shop (charity store) has free bread. There is nothing wrong with it, just bread from the local large supermarket that did not sell yesterday.

I picked up a wholegrain un-sliced loaf that is perfect to toast for dinner or lunch with home-made soup. Or pop it in the freezer to use when you are low on bread & saves rushing to the shops.


They also have a box of free magazines you can take your pick from.

Once I have read them I share with neighbour then take them back when we have both read them. There is always plenty of choice & gives me my magazine fix without having to pay money.


I usually drop things off there to donate or buy something I will use so I am giving back to them as well.

Do you have free bread at your Op shops?


8 thoughts on “Accessing Local Resources – Another way to live cheaper.

  1. Scarlet

    Definitely nothing like free bread here in the UK! Love the free magazines too. I sometimes find old magazines at carboot sales which cost pennies. I share them with my Mum, and then I keep them for ages as I look at them over and over again.

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  2. Pamela

    I have never seen free bread, just very cheap in the reduced to clear section of the supermarket just before they close. I love the charity shops although some of them are pricing themselves out of the market. I do not often buy magazines but when I do they get passed around, our library has a stack that you can take home to read and then return.

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    1. cheap64 Post author

      Thanks for visiting my blog Pamela, In our supermarket I have never seen bread marked down so you are lucky. They do mark down the cakes and pikelets etc sometimes.


  3. Barb

    It would be interesting to know where you shop. I never see just great markdowns here. But then I am not at the shops very often so they may be there…



    1. cheap64 Post author

      Hi Barb,thanks for popping in. I mostly shop Kelmscott on way home from work. If bargains are there then great but I will not go out of my way for them. A quick 5 minute look if not any good markdowns I use what I have in freezer etc.



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