$3 Markdown bag of mixed vegetables.

20141002_165547Our local Woolworths supermarket will sometimes put over loud speaker “fill a bag of fruit and veg for $3” so of course I stampede to the front of store to see what they have a glut of to get rid of.
They have about 4 crates with mixed fruit and veg that you can sort through and take as much or as little as you want20141002_165957 in the bag they give you.
I usually take what I know I can use in that weeks dinners for the family and some greens and apple’s go to feed sons lizards.

Was 5.1 kilos of produce in my bag so 60c a kilo worked out well.

Contents I selected::

Silverbeet 1 bunch
Apples x 2
Carrots x 4
Cabbage x 1
Zucchini x 1
Avocado x 2
Red onions x 4
Brown onions x 3
Yellow capsicum x 1
Lemon x 3
Asparagus x 11 spears
Mushroom x 6
Tomato x 2
It is another way I can save money on the grocery bill.


4 thoughts on “$3 Markdown bag of mixed vegetables.

  1. Gill

    First of all thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Thank you for popping by. I must say I am impressed with your haul. Plenty of meals there. I am posting a comfort food recipe that is cheap and filling tomorrow.

    Gill in Canada



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