89% Off – That’s my kind of price.

Our local Coles supermarket has very good reduced price items now & again but not at set times so just luck of the draw if you are there at those times.


These 12 individual sized pizza bases were 50c,

they still had a few days before use-by date so threw them in the freezer so they were convenient to pull out & use when I did not feel like cooking a large dinner.


Topped them with salami,mushrooms,onion,tomato,bacon,cheese, fresh chopped garlic & oregano. None of which I had to purchase as bits & pieces I used up from fridge.


Cooked for 20 minutes, they tasted divine let alone the aroma of oregano & garlic wafting through the house. Served with small green salad & leftover pasta salad was a quick, easy & most importantly – cheap meal.


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