Reusing, recycling everyday things.

We keep all our onion, garlic red mesh bags that they come in from the shop and give most to our neighbour who stores his harvested organic garlic in them to allow the air to circulate to prevent moisture build up or mould.


He rewards us with his home-grown garlic throughout the year. I would keep some bags to use myself but my six garlic heads that survived last season seem a bit pathetic compared to the neighbour’s bounty.


Speaking of red things – the Bottlebrush (Callistemon) trees around our house & suburb are looking spectacular with whole trees completely covered from top to bottom with masses of red bottlebrush flowers seemingly suffocating the trees with such magnificent displays.


Yes they look just like household bottle brushes!


2 thoughts on “Reusing, recycling everyday things.

  1. Tania

    Great way to recycle those red mesh bags. I have trouble growing garlic too, they don’t seem to like my garden soil. And yes those bottle brushes do look like the household ones, they are very pretty, I have a couple of trees growing here 🙂



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