Live Cheaper – Grow Your Own Food and Free Spuds…….

Even in our very hot summer season it is possible to grow some of our own food although we need to pick early to avoid ripe vegetables being shrivelled up during the heat of the day with our harsh Australian sun.

Cleaned out one of my square-foot gardening raised beds & gave it a good turn over. Composted with old leaves,composted lawn clippings & ash from the fire & few handfuls of dynamic lifter.  Planted seeds from packets I had on hand as I did not want to spend any money on seedlings.  Also seeds I had saved from capsicums etc from supermarket.


I  scattered some flower seeds throughout & a week later lots of seedlings are poking their heads through the rich soil.


With all that effort I hope we get a few edible vegetables out of it to feed the family.


Free Spuds From Spudshed.

Spudshed in WA were giving away free potatoes this week so of course I made my way down there amongst the crowds & managed to snaffle a bag full of them.

20150115_202812 20150115_202321


Cooked stuffed spuds can always be frozen for a quick dinner another night.

Markdowns For The Week.

Has been far too hot to use oven inside so have been leaning towards anything quick,one-pan cooking on hotplate or anything with salad.

20150104_180545   20150104_18060820150104_180524 20150111_13092220150121_11203020150121_111957


Only buying what we really need when I see markdowns as will need to save money ready for the huge power bill that will be arriving after having air-con on for last week or so.
Hope you are managing to stay cool in our hot summer.

Live Cheaper – Plan a Budget Holiday.

20141229_180541We have spent New Year having four days away in the beautiful South West of Western Australia. Borrowing my sister’s popup van we booked 4 night’s at a Manjimup caravan park for $32/night for a powered site. Full use of immaculate ablutions, camp kitchen and gas bbq’s. Wonderful company of other campers and caravaners and had a fantastic New Years Eve party with them all.

Took advantage of the cheaper petrol prices and explored surrounding Manjimup areas, Pemberton and Balingup.

Manjimup Timber museum was very interesting with displays of old logging machinery amid beautiful grounds and with free entry was a perfect way to spend a morning of our holiday.



Big Brook Dam was so serene & beautiful with very good facilities for BBQ & shaded areas.

Only cost is petrol if you seek out the natural attractions in the area you are visiting.

20141230_113650     20141231_140910

20141230_120448     20141231_132528

Before we left I went to our local tourist bureau & found brochures & maps for the places we were going to be visiting & were good to keep in the car as reference on our trip.
We took Christmas leftovers, fruit,biscuits with us to save buying food and kept costs right down.
Relaxing little break for us both amongst the majestic Karri and Jarrah trees in our beautiful South West.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.


Attempting to Cook A Turducken……..

Of course I only purchased the Turducken as it was half price markdown & would feed the crowd on Christmas Eve. Only just heard of them this year, they are advertised as ”

  • Woolworths Gold Turducken RRP $19.99/kg – an enticing hand rolled trio meat combination, infused to provide a succulent eating experience, complemented with a fig and Pistachio stuffing core, topped with a bacon lattice and garnished with fresh Rosemary for a unique premium roast.”
  • Turkey, duck & chicken rolled into one.
  • 20141217_121612
  • 20141217_121714

Thawing it out today & will cook Wednesday morning, hopefully it will look as good as the above photo!

Abnormal Apples


Woolworths are selling “abnormal apples” & “peculiar pears” which they say what they lack in looks they make up in taste. These were grown in Manjimup Western Australia so happy to see they are close to home for me.
Such a good idea as there is so much food wastage from supermarkets only buying perfect fruit & veg and this way we get them a bit cheaper per kilo as well.

Couple of Good Markdowns for the Week.





Anyone else cooked a “Turducken” & how did it go?

Merry Christmas to you all & have a safe New Year.


50c Plants are Thriving.


I rescue markdown plants from the dead plant section at Bunnings & these brought a nice surprise to my garden. They do not always have their labels on so I just plant & see what becomes of them.


                                      Watermelons & rhubarb are coming along slowly.



Markdowns for the Week

Managed to find a few bargains but really trying not to spend too much money on the lead up to Christmas.


Op Shop Christmas Tree $4
With 3 packets of baubles and tinsel for 50c each makes for a cheap way to bring some Christmas cheer & colour into the house.


Hope you have found some good bargains this week, not only groceries but Christmas items as well.

Live Cheaper – Sign Up for Samples

Each week I usually receive at least one sample in the mail. Anything from shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant to protein bars. All come in handy at some point and it is also a way of trying a brand or product you would not normally buy. There are lots of sites for signing up for samples and the easiest way is to google “samples” and see what comes up in your country. is an Australian one & you sign up with your email & they will offer you different samples to register for.

This week have received in the mail one ladies razor & conditioner treatment.



Also at Better Pets & Gardens whilst picking up the cat food the cashier offered free samples of another brand for our cat to try that is a cheaper option – if he likes it!





Markdown produce found this week.





Sweet potatoes $1, mixed apples & pears $1.50, mushrooms $1.50 and mandarines $1.50 all from IGA markdown trolley.

Fresh green beans 50c & bag of potatoes $2 from Coles supermarket.

Op Shop – Half Price Linen Sale

Now and again even Op shops have sales & this week was 50% off all linen so as I only own two tablecloths I was looking for some large ones to use over Christmas & found two for $2 each.


Also a Dora lunchbox for $2


Reject shop had Lindt chocolate bars for 50c



Was given a bag of organic garlic from my neighbour who grows his own & a cucumber.



So a few bits & pieces that have not cost much or free all helps to keep money in my pocket. Hope you have found some nice bargains this week.


Cat Napping & Bargains for the Week.

Now I know the reason my seeds don’t all come up, snuck up on the big fat cat snoozing in the sun on top of recently planted capsicum seeds that I dried out from store bought capsicums.
He looked too comfortable to move him off.


I keep seeds out of most store bought vegetables and wait to see if they amount to anything when planted. Some do whereas others do not.


Bargains For The Week.

Free magazines from Op shop.


Two beautiful textured pillowcases from Op shop $2 each.


Not many food bargains this week but as apples in Perth are now over $6/kilo & bananas at $5.70/kilo I keep a look out for any markdown fruit. Eight mixed apples for $1 at IGA & big bag of mushrooms $2.




Also picked up from Gumtree some free Christmas decorations.


Not a great week for markdowns but if you are not there at right time to find them then not much you can do.
Hope you managed to get some nice cheap bargains this week.

Live Cheaper – Stockpiling Wood For Next Winter

Now the temperature is soaring we certainly do not need any wood fires to keep us warm but it is a chance to fill the depleted wood shed ready for next season.


Partner brings home from his building work any odds and ends that can be stored & each year you can buy a permit from our local council that allows you to go into the state park and collect firewood from any trees that have fallen over or laying on ground. They are usually huge & require chainsaws, trailers & a few strong men.


Strawberry Season in Full Swing

Have had much better strawberries growing this year, prolific amount of berries on each plant this season and all purchased at knock-down prices in the dead plant section after last season. Just planted them & they have all done well.



Markdowns From the Week

Have been mainly using up leftover salad and items from freezer so have not needed to purchase much produce this week. Should be the last week of purchasing tomatoes for awhile as most of my plants are ripening well now the hot weather has hit.



Now fridge/freezer is looking depleted I will need to have a good week hunting for marked down bargains, how did you go for bargains this week?

No Time For Bargains This Week.

Busy week not much time to shop or look for bargains but the few I did purchase were very good percentage off.
All markdowns help towards keeping food budget down and family fed.







I am sure all Aussies use Gumtree for buying,selling,jobs etc but I keep an eye out on the free items in our area that myself or the family can use.
This week I scored a near new baby rocker for new grandaughter.


Also a large box of new padded envelopes and two cartons of large business envelopes which will come in very handy.


What good bargains or free things did you find this week that saved you money ?

Bargains I Found This Week.

I remember telling Mum to hurry up whenever we went shopping
20141025_095336as she felt the need to go down each and every aisle with her trolley even if she only wanted bread and milk it took forever. Well I may have to eat my words as this week our local Coles supermarket have been marking down random items this week so decided to look up each aisle for a change.

Found two beach soccer balls from $12.95 each marked down to $2 each so a Christmas pressie to put away for 2 boys we will see Christmas Eve.
Down the shampoo aisle they had marked down Dove shampoo and conditioner from $6.99 each to 64c


Our drains have been a bit smelly lately and bicarb and vinegar does not seem to be doing anything so spotted the drain unblocker bottles for $1 each marked down from $8.49 each.


Pizza from Woolworths $2.79 and coleslaw 89c so that was a quick dinner one night.


Op shop this morning found two beautiful red velvet and satin Disney princess Christmas stockings for $2 each will be perfect for our two beautiful little grandaughters.


For the bargain price of $1.50 found this 16 pair shoe holder which will help tidy up the mountain of shoes shoved in the bottom .of my wardrobe.

Have you found any good bargains this week?


Veal Stir Fry – 40% Off


Last week managed to get this veal stir fry at 40% off for $4.73. It is not as good price as some of the bigger percentage markdowns I have found but better than paying full price.

Used markdown red capsicum, brown onion from Woolworths mixed $3 veg bag, leeks & spring onions from my garden & cooked a veal casserole with dumpling & baked potato. Cheap meal serving four people.


Sweet Peas – Cheap seeds.

Another way to live cheaper as most frugal people already know & do is save any seeds from fruit & veg you have grown & dry out & store to plant next season.

My sweet peas are setting pods so will let them dry on trellis as no hurry to pull them out then once dry can store seeds in container or bag & plant next season, although flowers may not be as good from seeds you have saved yourself sometimes.


Good idea to mark your container, if not like me you end up with envelopes full of seeds you have no clue what they are.